The Bushbucks Story

Our journey started from finding the right name, one that entailed adventure, traceability and was close to home. The names were numerous, hilarious and some very unconventional, BUT, we did it, we got the name, BUSHBUCKS COFFEE. You might ask why Bushbucks? It is an indigenous species of Antelope found on the slopes of Mt Elgon, the source of our Coffee, it is an attraction which involves an adventure trip or two, is traceable and quite graceful if I may add. (Just like our coffee varieties).

Coffee is a ritual, a small treat in the morning, “Fuel”, a break, chat, affair that make up our lives. Making the coffee better, we make our lives better. We at Bushbucks Coffee brought together the profound knowledge and experience under “one roof” and created coffee, which we enjoy every day.

At Bushbucks, we select the highest quality Arabica and Robusta beans directly from the farmers. Craft of coffee roasting in true artisan tradition is what we know the best to give you a perfect cup, every time.

We demand the same level of commitment to know-how from all the people we work with. The result of this mutual understanding is a full flavoured, balanced, and easily recognizable taste to our coffee. We are also committed to improving the livelihoods of the communities, we work with, by using a portion of the proceeds from sale of this coffee to build their capacity.

As we are growing, our products is now available in NEW YORK.

Discover the Difference

Bushbucks coffee is grown by a group of selected farmers in the highland villages of Mount Elgon, in the pearl of Africa, also known as Uganda, the source of river Nile and land of Gorillas.

This group of famers preserve the Nyasaland Variety in Uganda through Slow Food Presidia, and we add value to the coffee, safeguard quality and bring it to a larger market, thus helping create sustainable livelihood and wealth for the farmers.

Our Coffee is fully washed and handpicked with great balance, fine acidity, good body, chocolate overtones, citric and floral notes, grown in the Mount Elgon region at an altitude of 4100-5600ft with an average farm size of 1-2 acres and giving quality of 80-85 cupping score(Oct 2018 crop).

The Territory

The coffee is produced in the villages of Miale, Mooni parish, Bungokho-Mutoto sub parish, Mbale district (Eastern Uganda).

In particular, it is cultivated between 4,100 and 5,600 feet, on the windward side of Nkokonjeru Wanale hills, along Mountain Elgon (locally Masaba Mountain) slopes.

Here the climate alternates between wet and dry periods and several streams run through the hill every 500m.

Cultivation and Harvest

In February farmers start ploughing the land and digging planting holes, which will be filled around April with a mix of soil and organic manure.

The seedlings are planted once the rain arrives.

After 3 months, the coffee trees are bended facing East to allow two or three more stems to grow vertically and once they emerge, cut off the old stem.

Weeding is done with a forked hoe, while livestock manure is used to fertilize.

Harvesting takes place in September-October, followed by the fly crop in May- June about 5-10% of main crop

We pick only the coffee berries that are well ripened.

Direct Trade

At Bushbucks we get personal with our coffee, by selecting the highest quality beans directly from the farmers that are then roasted in true artisan traditions to give you the perfect cup, every time.